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On a trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2014, Gazin’s very own Tom Bolton viewed one of the numerous casts of the famous monument known as “Victory” by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This piece then led to the inspiration for the first concept that was put together by Gazin’s internal creative team, VICTORY, which matches a popular phrase found online as the front text with the aforementioned piece as the back graphic. Saint-Gaudens’ “Victory” was an ode to a general of the union in the American Civil War, William Tecumseh Sherman, a man who was highly praised for his military strategies and simultaneously criticized for many of the tactics he implemented. VICTORY speaks to the idea of extremes as a result of passion, and how those who are looking to etch their names in history will stop at nothing to achieve victory.

All shirts are 100% USA cotton with a beefy, durable feel and a higher, thicker collar and neck line, fitting slightly larger than a contemporary t-shirt.

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