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An ode to the “creative mindset” that Gazin looks to instill in friends and family alike, the TV HEAD tee exists as a piece of organizational branding with a unique twist on an already popular design idea. Although the “TV Head” has traditionally been used to comment on society’s obsession with mainstream media, particularly television, the members of Gazin’s internal creative team have provided a fresh alternative, stating that this version means to display someone with a “state of mind,” rather than a stereotypical vice. The graphic itself was drawn and reworked by the aforementioned members of Gazin’s internal creative team. The TV HEAD tee is one quarter of a four-shirt idea and design pack focusing on Gazin branding, complemented by the GAZIN WORLD, GAZIN LOGO, and GAZIN CREATIVE STUDIO tees.

All shirts are 100% USA cotton with a beefy, durable feel and a higher, thicker collar and neck line, fitting slightly larger than a contemporary t-shirt.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.

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