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In an attempt to convey a number of ideas relating to human life and interaction, FACES uses a simplistic yet unconventional depiction of two beings to tell several different stories. The calm and well-kept person that we all often are for others is not who we may naturally be as an individual ourselves, someone more inherently hectic and imperfect. FACES uses the common “single-line” technique of sketching to create an odd looking set of faces, two people who are “close” enough to let their true selves come forth. The graphic was drawn and reworked by different members of Gazin’s internal creative team. FACES is one part of a two-shirt idea and design pack entitled “People,” being complemented by ROYALTY.

All shirts are 100% USA cotton with a beefy, durable feel and a higher, thicker collar and neck line, fitting slightly larger than a contemporary t-shirt.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship