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Showcasing the age-old and very real battle between “life” and “death,” DECISION poses the underlying question that relates to the many different aspects of life. Although this question of “life or death” can be taken literally, the context and application posed can be much more versatile than meets the eye. In the struggle between good and evil, the choices that we as humans make in countless moments throughout every day help shape us into who we truly are. By viewing the choice between good and evil as a decision between life and death, our perspective can be shifted greatly. The back graphic used is referenced from the cover of the 1850 novel “Der Teufel und die Geschichte,” translated to “The Devil and History” by Von Theodor Kaufmann.

All shirts are 100% USA cotton with a beefy, durable feel and a higher, thicker collar and neck line, fitting slightly larger than a contemporary t-shirt.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.